Jacquelyn Rodriguez Business Coaching

110 W Shirley Ave
Warrenton, VA 20186
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As your Intuitive Coach, I teach you how to use your intuition as a guide to a space that feels naturally in line with your personal aspirations and goals. Through a series of guided exercises that I have created, you will learn how to release yourself from restricted thinking. Together, we dig deep so that you can move forward into a space that is free from limiting belief systems.

Through personal discovery, you will overcome any deeply rooted fears you have by first identifying them, and then learning how to use them to move forward on your unique path to success in business and personal spaces. Maybe, like me, you are experiencing a sense of knowing that you have a calling, a higher purpose, but you are still unsure of what that is.

Are you ready to launch a new business but find that fear is holding you back?
Are you ready to launch a new business but find that fear is holding you back?

These are exactly the soul searching questions I had when I started down this path! Once I began to explore the fears that created blockages in my space, I found a way to overcome them by developing tools I will use for the rest of my life. We will work together to help you lay a stronger foundation that frees your mind and soul to pursue your dreams freely, knowing your path is manifesting precisely as you desire, precisely the way you intend.
Do you want to learn how to set boundaries?
Do you want to fully trust your intuition?
Are you so reliably comfortable with your True Self that your heart-centered clients can’t miss you?

Are you ready to end limiting beliefs about your personal value that hold you back from earning the money you deserve?
The Intuitive Coaching program that I have personally designed is for individuals who are looking for something more than traditional coaching and business planning. It is for women who are launching a new business or who have an established career lane but are ready to try a truly new approach to affect change and growth.