86% of Prince William Residents Do Not Want Rapid Data Center Expansion, According to Facebook Poll

725 people participated in Western Prince William Chatter Survey

Eighty-six percent of participants in a Western Prince William County Chatter poll on Facebook, said they oppose the rapid addition of data centers in the area. This is the result of a poll conducted by Bob Sanregret, as recorded on July 12, 2023. 
Dear Delegate Roem,  Del. Maldonado,  PW County Supervisors, Planning Commissioners, Planning officials, and Media representatives:

A few weeks ago I had sent the results of this poll out to many of you.  At that time about 350 people had responded.  

I am sending the poll out again today because it turned out that in total  725 people responded to this survey.  As you can see  86% of the people on Western PW Chatter who responded to this survey said NO when asked "Do you support the continued rapid addition of Data Centers in Western PWC?"  
This is an incredible statistic. I think the only question that would get a higher No response is if a survey asked if it was OK to kick puppies.  
Please heed the results of this survey and do not use the remaining months of this Board's tenure to ram increasingly large and contentious data center projects down the throats of Western PWC residents.  This is the right time to hit the Stop Button.
Ally Stoeger
Gainesville District
Bristow Beat recognizes the limitations of the poll as it only targets those in one Facebook group. Western Prince William Chatter has been active for over a decade. 
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