Police Arrest Four Manassas Men for Gang-Related Assault by Mob, Burglary

Police believe the suspects are active members of a street gang


Prince William Detectives with the Special Investigations Bureau concluded their investigation into a Manassas assault by a mob and residential burglary with the arrest of the final suspect on Jan. 21. The incident on Community Drive in Manassas, on Oct. 26,  resulted in injury to one man and stolen property. Now, Prince William Police say all four suspects were gang members. 

According to an October crime report, two vehicles parked near the 8100 block of Community Drive. Multiple individuals exited the vehicles and began a verbal altercation with the victim, a 38-year-old man, who was visiting the residence.

During the encounter, the suspects allegedly assaulted the victim before entering the residence through an unsecured rear door. While inside the home, the suspects kicked in two bedroom doors before removing property from each room.

The suspects then exited the home and fled the area prior to police arriving at the scene.

The victim reported minor injuries. Jewelry and construction tools were reported missing. According to the police crime report, the incident did not appear to be random. 

While investigating, detectives received information leading to the identification of four suspects. Further investigation revealed the four men were active members of the criminal street gang identified as Sur 13.

Dec. 15, 2022, following the investigation, detectives obtained arrest warrants for the suspects identified below.

Jesus Mancha Jr., 39, of 8661 Bruton Parish Court #304 in Manassas.

Efrain Mancha, 29, of 8661 Bruton Parish Court., #102 in Manassas

German Mancha-Deras, 26, of 10178 Statesboro Court in Manassas

Christian Anthony Blanco, 28, of 8850 Oliver Court in Manassas

Police made their arrests between Dec. 26 and Jan. 21. All four were all charged with assault by mob and gang participation.

Their court dates are pending. Bond is unavailable.

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