False Police Call Brings Armed Officers to Kingsbrooke

Officers told neighbors to shelter indoors

Prince William Police Officers arrived at Wansteadt Place in Bristow, Monday after 8 a.m.,  telling residents to get inside the nearest home and shelter in place. 
According to Prince William Police Master Officer Renee Carr, officers later learned that there was no danger and someone had falsely summoned the police to the residence, saying there was a shooter present. 
"Shortly after 8 a.m., officers responded to Wanstead Place for a man with a firearm," Carr said. "Upon arrival, officers found no evidence of a man with a firearm." 
"Further investigation revealed the caller falsely summoned the police to that location. Warrants were obtained and are still active. The caller is known to the residents of the home." 
After seeing multiple police vehicles and officers carrying weapons, neighbors were curious as to what had transpired.
One Kingsbrooke resident explained the incident online.
"The kids got on the bus and saw the cops drive onto Wansteadt. The bus moms were told to get into a house immediately and sheltered in the closest moms' house," said a concerned neighbor who reported the incident on the Kingsbrooke Community Facebook page. 
"There were over 8 cop cars total and my neighbor counted 30 cops. All with guns as tall as my 1st grader. The cops were walking up and down the street looking for someone," the woman said. 
"This is the 2nd time in months we've seen cops with massive guns & shields on Wanstead & no answers. The 2nd time I've gotten a call from my fabulous neighbors to lock my doors and stay away from windows."
Another resident also offered a frightening description of the scene.
"There was a cop on the ground, kneeling with a rifle in his hand, pointing at a house and a couple of other cops coming from their cars,"  she wrote online. 
This article may be updated at a later time with more information. 
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