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It is still rainy season, making now the perfect time to inspect your home’s basement for water leakage and to determine if the home’s foundation remains stable. JES Foundation Repair in Bristow does free inspections and estimates to provide homeowners with peace of mind.

When it comes to foundation and basement waterproofing, not all companies are created equal. Handymen, or fly-by-night companies, provide little accountability and may require work to be redone.

JES Foundation Repair is different. The Virginia-based company sends all of its technicians for extensive training via JES Foundation Repair’s own ‘university’ in Virginia Beach. When they graduate, JES technicians are experts in foundation repair, basement waterproofing and crawl space maintenance. JES Foundation Repair, a division of Groundworks, is licensed and stands behind its workmanship, so its customers can call them if they have any problems going forward.

Most people call JES after something has gone wrong, but with the option of a free home inspection, homeowners can prevent problems before they occur and keep their homes in good repair.

“If you have a basement, it probably needs professional waterproofing with an automated pump and backup system," said Brad Hibbard, general manager of JES’s Manassas territory.

He believes every homeowner should be proactive when it comes to protecting their basement from water. Home builders tend to provide the most basic waterproofing, and they are only situated along the perimeter of a home. Builder-grade pumps are not built to last, nor can they withstand substantial flooding.

“It’s not a matter of if it’s going to leak, it’s just when. Over the years it will eventually clog,” Hibbard said. “Our systems are primarily on the inside. We are not trying to prevent water from coming into the house; we are just trying to manage it properly.”

Flooded basement, courtesy of JES Foundation Repair

A JES technician will make sure the pump drains water away from the home so as not to cause damage to the foundation. JES even has a backup system in case the power goes out.

“If the water issue is unaddressed it will lead to foundational issues down the road,” said MJ Ghene, sales manager at JES Foundation Repair in Bristow.

Water leakage can be the result of rising water tables, downpours, or water not moving away from the home. Signs of water damage can not only be seen on the floor, but also on the basement walls, and condensation forming on the windows. It is even more important for those with finished basements to inspect their water pump system.

“When you have carpet, you don’t even notice it until it is saturated past the point of repair,” said Hibbard.

Flooding will damage carpets and furniture, and unseen toxic mold can form underfoot.

Cracked Foundation: Before & After, Courtesy of JES Foundation Repair

True to its name, JES also specializes in foundation repair. Foundation cracks and sinking buildings are the results of shifting foundations. Earthquakes, heavy rain, wet soil, tree root systems, or major construction nearby can all affect a building’s stability. It is easier to fix the problem upon the first indications.

Most often people cannot detect the problem from the building’s exterior, but signs of foundation troubles reveal themselves easily inside the home.

“Cracked bricks, sticking doors and windows, and cracks around the door frames can be signs of foundation problems,” said Ghene. “Also cracks in molding and gaps in the floor.”

When cracks form in the foundation they need to be stabilized, JES technicians add structural piers to shore up the foundation for the lifetime of the home. Other companies may provide only temporary fixes. “The most expensive project is one you have to do twice,” Ghene said.

Craw' Space before receiving a cleaning by JES Foundation Repair.
Craw' Space before receiving a cleaning by JES Foundation Repair.
Crawl space after a visit from JES Foundation Repair.
Crawl space after a visit from JES Foundation Repair.

Crawl Space: Before & After, Courtesy of JES Foundation Repair

Finally, JES inspects and cleans out crawl spaces. No one knows what they’ll find in a crawl space, but usually, it’s not pretty. Residents do not realize this, but most of the air that circulates through the home enters through the crawl space. The family could be breathing in toxins and not even realize it. JES will remove anything that should not be in the crawl space and install preventative measures.

JES will come out to fix any problem homeowners or commercial property owners may have with their basements, whether it is water leakage, foundation, or crawl spaces. JES Foundation Repair recommends homeowners become protective and call for a free inspection at the first indication of a problem, or just to make sure their home is not falling into disrepair.

To contact JES Foundation Repair call 1-888-492-5619 or visit their website at

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