New You Med Spa with UltraSlim® Body Sculpting & More, Opens in Gainesville


Owner Paulina Connery (right) and the staff of New You Med Spa in Gainesville are ready to celebrate their grand opening.

After months of planning and building during the pandemic, New You Med Spa in Gainesville held its grand opening, Dec. 7. The medical spa, located on Limestone Road in Gainesville, offers a variety of traditional aesthetic spa treatments and UltraSlim® Body Sculpting services.

Spa owner Paulina Connery is a highly trained Certified Medical Master Aesthetician and expert makeup artist who has worked with industry leaders and many recognizable faces. She is excited to have started her own business, in her hometown, incorporating a variety of cosmetic services, including UltraSlim® Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening.

“There are so many experiences and skills that I wanted to combine,” said Connery. Paulina has earned many certificates for her work with numerous renowned skincare and makeup products, such as Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Shiseido, L’Oréal, Obagi, Éminence, G.M. Collin, Aveda, Clarins, SkinCeuticals and many more. Additionally, Paulina trained under the co-developer of Retin-A & Pro-peel, Dr. James Fulton.

As such, New You Med Spas has something for everyone. Its sanitary environment with experienced and licensed technicians, makes it the ideal place for that weekly manicure, monthly pedicure and frequent facials and advanced skin care. New You Med Spa makes the med spa experience “Rejuvenating, Relaxing and Reviving!”

It is also the place to go if one is considering cosmetic surgery for skin tightening or weight loss, but would prefer a non-invasive, more affordable option. And who wouldn’t? That is where UltraSlim® Body Sculpting comes in.

New You Med Spa is one of only a few regional locations offering UltraSlim® transformative services. The UltraSlim® machine uses UV light to painlessly remove fat from the body, melting it away and expelling it naturally. UltraSlim® helps people realize dramatic changes through skin tightening and fat reduction.

Paulina Connery is excited to bring UltraSlim® Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening to her home town![/caption]

UltraSlim® works for mid-sections, face-lifts, skin tightening, chin lifts and arm lifts. New You Med Spa is even licensed to perform breast-reduction procedures via UltraSlim®, which is the only FDA approved non-invasive breast reduction Treatment. It’s a similar procedure followed by TrustedWellesley Cosmetic Surgery center, but without the surgery, without the high cost and without the recovery time.

Connery believes it is revolutionary to the industry and is a far improvement from other body sculpting services. “It’s not killing the fat cells or damaging the body,” Connery said. “The body naturally discharges the fat through the kidneys.”

And it’s really noticeable! People work on themselves for months in the gym and never achieve their desired result. UltraSlim® can deliver amazing results within just 30-minutes. “You actually get to see the result every single time,” said Connery.

Suddenly, people who would have never considered cosmetic surgery are intrigued. “We’re causing a scene of curiosity,” said Connery. “You save thousands of dollars, and no surgeons. It’s non-invasive.”

New You Med Spa guests will be treated in a private, medically sanitary room.

Those interested in UltraSlim® can even get a free session when they purchase a $100 gift certificate at New You Med Spa for their grand opening special. It’s a $400 value!

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In 2020, health precautions are always a concern, but New You Med Spa is just about the most hygienic place one can go. Building during the pandemic allowed Connery to incorporate health and safety measures from day one.

At New You Med Spa, there are clear plastic partisans on all manicure tables and between every pedicure massage chair. Marble surfaces throughout the spa are easy to sanitize, and only medical grade Ultraviolet light machines are used for sterilization.

All technicians wear face masks, shields and gloves, and clients must wear face masks, except during facial services. People receiving UltraSlim® or facial & wax treatments are treated in their own private rooms that are sterilized between visits.

Connery is very excited to bring her passion for aesthetic care and the revolutionary UltraSlim® to the area. She encourages everyone to visit or make an appointment during the holiday season and take advantage of their unbelievable grand opening promotions!

New You Med Spa is located at 7482 Limestone Drive in Gainesville. Call 571-248-0582 for an appointment or consultation. Make appointments online at & follow New You Med Spa on Facebook & Instagram.

New You Med Spa technicians are ready for the holidays!

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