Patriot HS FCCLA Students

Seven students in Patriot High School’s Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) club competed in the National Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) competition at the 2023 FCCLA National Leadership Conference in Denver, Colorado. Over 7,900 students, educators, and guests from across the nation participated in this event.

In the highly anticipated STAR event competition, over 4,300 FCCLA members competed for a chance to demonstrate their mastery and accomplishments in chapter and individual-led projects, ability to lead, and career preparation. These events have a meaningful impact on students, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge by researching an issue that concerns families, careers, or communities, and then implementing projects that recommend solutions.

Students from the Patriot High FCCLA club competed in the following STAR event competitions and ranked as stated below:

  • Rising juniors Aria McGee and Alyssa Nielsen competed in a “Food Innovations” project – Level 2; and ranked Gold, 8th in the nation out of 51 teams/88 total competitors.
  • Rising juniors Olivia Tiscenko and Ashlie Uribe Agreda competed in a “Repurpose and Redesign” project – Level 2; ranked Silver, 17th in the nation out of 54 teams/73 total competitors.
  • Rising senior Abigail Trapani competed in a “Career Investigation” project – Level 3, ranked Silver, 27th in the nation out of 50 individual competitors.
  • Rising senior Jordyn Trost competed in a “Sports Nutrition” project – Level 3; ranked Silver, 19th in the nation out of 40 teams/60 total competitors.
  • Rising senior Madison Hall, chapter president, served as Evaluator for “Professional Presentation” – Level 3 event.

Kathryn Jett McVea, Patriot FCCLA adviser shared, “The students' projects exemplify their dedication, creativity, and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others and pursuing their professional career goals. Their accomplishments at the national level are a testament to their hard work, teamwork, and unwavering passion."