Prominent Prince William Republicans Denounce Kenn Knarr as Party's Nominee for Board of Supervisors Chairman

Citing large donations to Democratic candidates


Friday, April 7, 2023

Fellow Prince William County Republicans,

This year is a critical election year in Prince William County. Yesterday was the filing deadline, and there are many local and state elections that will be on the ballot. For this reason, we feel the need, as past Party Chairs and local Republican Party leaders, to collectively write this letter to announce our public endorsement of Jeanine Lawson for the Republican nomination for Chair At-Large of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

Normally, it’s standard procedure for current and former Republican Party officials to stay neutral in Republican nomination contests. However, this year is different.

A person named Kenn Knarr filed to be a candidate for our party’s nomination for Chair At-Large of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, to run against Jeanine Lawson. Lawson and Knarr are the only two candidates who filed.

What you may not know about Mr. Knarr is that he has been an enthusiastic supporter of Democrats for years. He has given thousands and thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates. Last year, he donated $145 to Democrat Board Chairman Ann Wheeler.

In fact, he also donated money to Board of Supervisor Democrats Andrea Bailey, Ken Boddye, and Victor Angry, as well. Last August, he donated $1,500 to Democrat Delegate Luke Torian, and he gave another $5,000 to Torian in October. In January of this year, Knarr donated $1,500 to Democrat State Senator Jeremy McPike at his re-election fundraiser kickoff.

Mr. Knarr has faithfully attended Democratic campaign kickoffs, events, and other activities. He has been a consistent outspoken supporter of the current Democratic Chair Ann Wheeler and he frequently supported her liberal agenda at public hearings.

For example, just weeks before Mr. Knarr launched his Republican primary bid, he spoke during Citizen Comment Time at the March 14th, 2023 Board of Supervisors meeting saying, “This board has established the soundest and most secure financial situation this county has seen in several decades. This board under the leadership of Chair Wheeler has embraced the idea of taxing globally and spending locally…This board is to be commended for appropriately balancing smart economic development with the wellbeing of our 486,000 residents.”

Mr. Knarr is clearly a Democrat masquerading as a Republican for our party’s nomination for Chair At-Large. This kind of deceitful campaigning is egregious and dangerous to our party and our nomination process. At best, Mr. Knarr running as a Republican is an insult to our party and our conservative principles. At worst, this is Democrats meddling in our election process and tampering with our nomination, in order to trick voters, create chaos, and try to make the general election easier for the eventual Democrat nominee. Either way, it’s an insult to Republicans, our Party, and the voters in Prince William County.

We’ve collectively decided that the right thing to do is denounce Kenn Knarr as a Republican and fully unite behind Jeanine Lawson as our party’s nominee. Supervisor Lawson has been a strong fighter for our conservative principles during her time representing the Brentsville District. We know she will do the same as our Chair and make us proud. We believe she will bring common-sense solutions to our county – including ensuring greater economic prosperity, lowering taxes, protecting parents' rights in education, and supporting our law enforcement/first responders to keep our communities safe.

In conclusion, we have decided to unify as current and former Prince William Republican officials at this critical time. For that reason, and the reasons listed above, Jeanine Lawson has our full endorsement and support as the Republican nominee for Chair At-Large of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. We look forward to her rightfully winning the Republican nomination in June and her victory against Board Chairwoman Ann Wheeler this November.


Tim Parrish, 7th District Representative Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee; and Immediate Past Chair, Prince William County GOP (2020-2022)

Dottie Miller, Former Chair, Prince William County GOP (2016-2018)

Bill Card, Former Chair, Prince William County GOP (2012-2016; 2018-2020)

Mary Jo Howarth, Magisterial Vice-Chairman, Brentsville District

George Dodge, Magisterial Chairman, Coles District

Eric Von Tersch, Magisterial Chairman, Potomac District

Carol Fox, Magisterial Chairwoman, Gainesville District

Steve Heath, Magisterial Chairman, Occoquan District

Dawson Weinhold, Magisterial Chairman, Neabsco District

Rob Hartwell, Magisterial Chairman, Woodbridge District

Jacob Alderman, Chairman, PWC Young Republicans

Bristow Beat Note: Kenn Knarr is a retired Marine and former teacher. He is selling property he owns on Pageland Lane for the creation of data centers. He made donations to Democratic candidates during that time. 

Despite the endorsement, a primary or convention is still required to be held to decide if Jeanine Lawson or Kenn Knarr will be the Republican nominee for Chair-at-Large.

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