PW Chamber's Political Action Committee Endorses Candidates in State & County Races

Endorses more Democrats than in years past


PRINCE WILLIAM, VA - The Prince William Chamber Political Action Committee, the political arm of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, announces its endorsements of candidates for the Virginia General Assembly and Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

State Senate: Jeremy McPike-D

House of Delegates 52nd District: Luke Torian-D

House of Delegates 51st District: Briana Sewell-D

House of Delegates 22nd District: Ian Lovejoy-R

Potomac District Supervisor: Andrea Bailey-D

Woodbridge District Supervisor: Margaret Franklin-D

Brentsville District Supervisor: Tom Gordy-R

Candidate endorsements were determined through a questionnaire and interviews. An in-depth analysis was performed using candidate policy platforms, our interviews of the candidates, and records of each individual as they related to the region’s business community.

The Prince William Chamber PAC was established in 2014 by members of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce. The PAC promotes and facilitates the accumulation of voluntary contributions from members of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce and others. Contributions are used primarily in support of issues and candidates for local and state offices who have taken positions consistent with the Chamber’s public policy positions regarding the private enterprise system.

The Chamber has not yet endorsed a candidate for Chair of the Board of County Supervisors; however, it is holding a debate between the two candidates on Oct. 26. (More info to follow.) 

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