Police Arrest Ride-Share Driver for Abducting, Sexually Assaulting Passenger

Home mate arrested for rape, battery and forcible sodomy of female passenger


Sexual Assault Investigation – Prince William Detectives concluded an investigation into a sexual assault and abduction of a 26-year-old woman by a ride-share driver and her housemate. 

According to the investigation, on Jan. 25, driver Angela Olinger picked up a 26-year-old woman. Instead of driving her to the prearranged destination, the driver drove her to her home, located on Wortham Crest Circle in Manassas.

While at the residence, Olinger, 60, and another resident, Anthony Giacchina, 59, reportedly prevented the victim from leaving the home, before sexually assaulting her in various manners, as detailed in the arrest report. 

Olinger later brought the victim to her residence where she reported the incident to a family member who then contacted the police.

Following the investigation, both of the accused, identified as Angela Olinger, 60, and Anthony Giacchina, 59, of  11115 Wortham Crest Circle in Manassas, were arrested.

Olinger was charged with 2 counts of aggravated sexual battery, 1 count of object sexual penetration, and 1 count of abduction.

Giacchina has been charged with 1 count of rape, 1 count of aggravated sexual battery, and 3 counts of forcible sodomy.

Court dates for both of the accused are pending. They are both being held without bond. 

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