Tin Cannon Brewing Hosts Pints & Panels Comic Book Swap & Shop Event

Organized by DMV Comic Collectors


The DMV Comic Collectors, a group of over 750 members, will hold a swap and shop event June 23 from 1- 5 p.m. at Tin Cannon Brewing Company in Gainesville.

Dubbed “Pints & Panels,” the organization intends to provide members with the opportunity to purchase books from regional comic book vendors, swap with other members and enjoy beer from one of Prince William County’s most renowned breweries.

“This is a natural evolution of our swap meet concept,” co-administrator Jason Shaw said. “We are excited to offer DMV Comic Collectors members this opportunity to gather, buy and trade comics, and drink the best beer in the region.”

Shaw explained that Pints and Panels is not a traditional comic book show, rather it is an expanded communal event that grew out of the successful swap meets that the group has been promoting for the past year.

“We’ve seen the participation at our swap meets grow for each event.” Shaw said. “However, since our swap meets are traditionally held at local comic book shops, the selling of books between members has been discouraged out of respect the businesses that host us; this opportunity is something that our members have been asking for.”

Shaw considers Pints and Panels to be a showcase for regional comic shops.

“We’re very excited to announce that we’ve recruited a bevy of local comic retailers that we are honored to have participate,” he said.

These retailers include:

Third Eye Comics

Comics & Gaming

Victory Comics

Gateway Comics

Keep it Strange Comics

Four Color Fantasies

At the Pints and Panels event, there will be both a swap meet area and a dealer area, where comic books will be offered for sale. Members can also purchase beer from Tin Cannon to enjoy while they conduct business.

“We are looking forward to hosting the DMV Comic Collectors at our comic books and craft beer collaboration,” Marcy Hilkert, Tin Cannon events coordinator said. “Swap and shop comic books while you sip and savor craft beer!”

Pints & Panels will also welcome local comic book presser Kent Hubbs of Comic Hubb, who will offer demonstrations of comic book cleaning as well as assess comic books of their upgrade potential.

While the event is planned for DMV Comic Collectors members, the administrators encourage local residents to attend.

 “We hope it becomes a regular event that we promote multiple times a year,” Shaw said. “We’d love to see DMV Comic Collectors grow; there will be opportunities at the event for residents to become a part of our thriving community.”

Shaw explained that there will be no costs for dealers to set up and sell at the event.

Tin Cannon Brewing is a craft brewery located in Gainesville, VA. For nearly 10 years, they have brewed their beers onsite and served them in their taproom, which customers describe as having a Cheers vibe.

Tin Cannon Brewing is located at 7679 Limestone Drive, Suite 130, Gainesville, VA.

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