PW Republican Committee Endorses Erica Tredinnick for Brentsville District School Board Representative

She advocates for accountability, transparency & student achievement


(Bristow, VA)- The Prince William County Republican Committee voted Monday evening to endorse Erica Tredinnick for Brentsville District School Board Representative. Erica is a committed mother and community leader who will prioritize the needs of students and families in the Brentsville District.

Erica's priorities include restoring transparency and accountability to the school system, prioritizing student achievement and academic excellence, and fostering a culture of respect.

"I’m grateful to have earned the endorsement of the Prince William GOP and to have the members choose me as their candidate!" Erica Tredinnick said, upon receiving the endorsement of the Prince William County Republican Committee.  "I’m a mom who cares about my kids and yours and wants the very best for them. I won’t rest until parents are respected and heard, teachers' time and commitment are valued, we get the politics out of the classroom, and we return the focus to preparing our children for the real world. I will be a strong voice, ask the tough questions, and I won’t fold in the face of opposition.”

Echoing her slogan, Erica assured parents, “I want to return the focus to OUR CHILDREN, I want to be YOUR VOICE on the school board and most importantly I want to protect THEIR FUTURE.”

Erica is proud to have strong community support and the endorsements of leaders across the district and county-wide, including:

  • Jeanine Lawson (Brentsville Supervisor and Candidate for At-Large Chair)
  • Yesli Vega (Coles Supervisor)
  • Sheriff Glen Hill
  • Gil Trenum (Former Brentsville School Board Representative)
  • Tom Gordy (Candidate for Brentsville Supervisor)

“Erica embodies the ideal school board representative," said Supervisor Jeanine Lawson. "For years, she’s been dedicating her life to kids and our school community through various roles as a sports mom, advisory council member, PTO board member, serving on county commissions, and more.  She has a keen understanding of Prince William County Schools and the challenges ahead.  You can count on Erica to challenge status quo and be a strong advocate for parents.  I’m proud to endorse her and ask you to join me in supporting her campaign.”

On her webpage, Tredinnick discusses her reasons for running. It began during the pandemic. She felt the break from in-person learning and the mask mandate went on too long, to the detriment of children. 

"When COVID hit, I watched as the school system’s shut down of in-person learning took a huge emotional and mental toll on my 3 boys and so many of their classmates. Together with other parents, I went to the School Board to demand that our children resume in-person learning, and then to demand an end of the mask mandate in school and on the sports field so that our children could resume a normal childhood." 

"I watched for years while the school system made decisions that negatively impacted the learning, social development, and emotional well-being of my children and countless others. Like so many of the parents I’ve met and spoken with, I know that our children deserve so much better. That’s why I’m running for School Board: to be a strong voice for parents, to always ask the tough questions, and ensure that our children receive the world-class education they deserve."

On her site, Tredennick explains her priorities. 

Restore Transparency & Accountability

"True accountability requires full transparency by the School Board. It’s time for the school system to communicate fully and regularly with parents, teachers, and community members. Every parent and member of the public should know exactly what is being taught to our children and how our money is being spent, and parents should be involved every step of the way."

Prioritize Student Achievement & Academic Excellence

"Our school system has undermined student achievement by focusing on unattainable 'equal outcomes,' reckless stay-at-home policies, and partisan social experiments. As your representative on the School Board, I will work to refocus our schools on student achievement to prepare our children for the real world and train them to be resilient, creative problem solvers and critical thinkers."

Foster a Culture of Respect

"Differences bring us together and make us stronger. Instead of needlessly divisive policies, our school system should focus on creating and promoting collaboration and a sense of shared community between teachers and staff, parents, and students. This means respecting parents’ interests in their children’s education, respecting teachers’ commitment and time, and enforcing safe and appropriate behavior with every student."

Tredinnick is running against incumbent Adele Jackson who is seeking another term as Brentsville School board representative.  

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