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You probably have your favorite way of reading Bristow Beat. And while there is no wrong way to read Bristow Beat online, you may not know that we have a presence on many social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as well an email newsletter. 

With the exception of Facebook, many of these platforms have been underutilized by our readers, which is why we are spreading the word! 

Right now,  we have two goals:

  • Find out where you prefer to find your news,
  • Encourage you to follow or subscribe so that you can find Bristow Beat news and content in a variety of ways. 

We have been using each platform in a different way, and some are more "newsy" while some are more focused on the community. 

We also offer a free newsletter so that you can get Bristow Beat news right in your inbox! However, we don't want to bombard you with news so that you unsubscribe. So, you tell us the sweet spot! Do you want news from Bristow Beat every day, or just 1-2 times a week? 

You will find a survey that will give us a better idea of how we can serve you. Additionally, if you want to follow us in more places, please do so. 

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