Prince William County School Board Goes Bright Blue


Adele is a teacher running to be the Brentsville representative on the Prince William County School Board.


It’s big wins tonight for Dr. Babur Lateef and his team.

The Democratic-endorsed candidates gained even stronger control over the Prince William County School Board; they now control all but one seat in the Gainesville District.

It is a stark contrast from what the board was like eight years ago when the county was still strongly conservative.

Chairman: Barbur Lateef 51.43%, Alyson Satterwhite 41.35%, Stanley Bender 7.2%

Dr. Babur Lateef defended his Chair against Gainesville School Board Representative Alyson Satterwhite. Lateef said his priorities were safety and security, infrastructure and space, pay raises for educators and higher student success rates.

Brentsville: Adele Jackson 51.66% to Shawn Brann 48.34%

New comer Adele Jackson took Brentsville by 51.66%. Shawn Brann, who served as acting-Brentsville board member, and former high school teacher, received 48.34% of the vote.

Jackson, endorsed by the Democratic Party, was Prince William County special education teacher as recently as last year. She advocated for equity in schools.

Coles: Lisa Zargarpur 43%, Willie Deutsch (incumbent) 37%, Jaqueline Gaston 20%

Zargarpur, endorsed by Democrats, pulled ahead of incumbent Republican Willie Deutsch.

Gainesville: Jennifer Wall 54.66% to Patricia Kuntz 45.3%

Jennifer Wall will be the lone Republican-supported candidate on the school board.

Neabsco: Diane Raulston (incumbent) 77.56%, Joe George 22.44%

Diane Raulston retained her seat winning by a very strong margin.

Occoquan District: Lillie Jessie 55.77% to 44.23%

Challenger Karen Boyd had a strong showing in Occoquan, but Jessie retained her seat.

Potomac: Justin Wilk 100% 

Former middle school civics teacher Justin Wilk ran unopposed.

Woodbridge: Loree Williams (incumbent) 100%, ran unopposed

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